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Poppers FAQ

Common Popper Questions

What are poppers?

The word “poppers” is actually just slang for alkyl nitrites. They’re great for cleaning leather, cds, cassette tape players and other electronics. Some people get a sense of euphoria by inhaling them during sexual activity, but all poppers sold on are not to be used this way.

What are the effects of poppers?

Poppers work by relaxing the smooth muscles in your body. This includes the sphincter muscles in your anus which is why you loosen up right after inhalation. Smooth muscles surround the body’s blood vessels, so when they relax, its the dilation of blood vessels which causes an increased heart rate and blood flow. This is what leads to the pleasant “head rush” you get after using them.

Are there any negative side-effects?

Yes. The main short term ones can be occasional dizziness or fainting.   Sometimes a slight headache can develop, but this is usually due to stale or cheap poppers. Poppers can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. All poppers sold on are not for human consumption or inhalation.

Can I mix Viagra / Cialis with poppers?

No. Never. Doing so will result in a drastic change in blood pressure and could result in harm or death.  Do not mix any products.

What are the best / strongest / our favourite poppers?

It’s mostly subjective.  What works best for someone might not be as effective for another.  It boils down to personal choice, as most of the poppers sold on this site are made of the same ingredients.  We’d suggest to try a few, or to jump into the ones listed as popular.

What is the legal status of poppers?

Tricky subject.  Here’s a few articles to read based on what we’ve uncovered.

Are Poppers Legal in Canada?

Poppers in Canada: A History of Homophobia and Legal Status

Bottom line, as a customer, you’re fine.  No one is going to harass you for owning a few bottles of poppers.

Rush 30ml

$80.00 $80.00

Big bottle of the classic Rush!  PWD Brands flagship product Rush Original now in a 30ml bottle.  Never fake it! Always genuine with PPP (Power-Park Pellet).  For all your solvent cleaner needs, try the Original Rush.

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Jungle Juice Gold

$35.00 $35.00

World famous Jungle Juice presents their Gold Label poppers. Potent and hardcore, this 10ml special edition formula will be your favourite VHS tape cleaner.

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Super Rush Black Label 30ml

$80.00 $80.00

Super Rush Black Label, now in 30ml bottle, is a powerful solvent cleaner designed to provide a quick boost of energy and focus. It is a  perfect popper for those who need a lift before a long day cleaning VCR heads.

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Iron Horse 30ml

$80.00 $80.00
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