While it's a commonly known fact that many different types of substances are dangerous to consume and can have detrimental effects on a person’s health. One of these substances, that many people may have not heard of, are called “poppers.” Poppers are essentially a slang term for any type of substance with alkyl nitrate in them, which essentially makes the person inhaling to have a rush, which makes them feel lightheaded and horny; it was largely used by bottoms to be able to have an easier way to have anal sex. Because of their perceived dangerous harms to people, they have been banned for human consumption in countries all around the world, including Canada. But when, and why specifically?

Poppers: A short Canadian history

Poppers first became banned in Canada in 2013, after they had been freely used since the late 1960’s. Despite Canada’s measures to limit the circulation of poppers into the hands of the people, they are still sold and aren’t all too difficult to attain. Some of the reasons that Canada and many other countries banned the use of poppers is because of the unsafe adulterated substances that are contained in poppers that have been linked to serious health conditions down the line, and in some rare circumstances, including death.

Another reason that Canada referenced when poppers were initially banned is that the ingredients and the use of them were not regulated whatsoever by the Canadian market, which meant that the risk of using them was virtually unknown. However, these are the reasons that Canada had banned poppers all together informally. In their official statement in 2013, Canada did not point to a specific point of why they were banned, and why they were banned at that time. At the time, it is estimated that around 30% of queer men had used poppers before the ban, and after the ban, people were still able to find poppers, but it obviously got significantly harder.

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Reaction to the ban

However, when Canada ultimately banned the production and use of poppers, many in Canada got dissatisfied, specifically those in the LGBTQ+ community. Many argued that if it was used in the right way, the concerns and rationale that the government had when it made its decision would be marginally reduced. Despite the ban still being in place, a significant percentage of the poppers are still in circulation, although it is now harder to obtain in Canada.

Another point that many brought up was that certain items like smoking and tobacco are deemed legal, but inarguably have significantly more health related consequences, such as respiratory conditions like lung cancer. Although the medical community doesn’t have a myriad of knowledge yet when it comes to poppers, an overwhelming amount of people suggest that they aren’t as dangerous and perhaps didn’t deserve the full ban that Canada gave it in 2013.

Poppers Grey Area

So, poppers are a grey area in Canada; any use of poppers, possession of poppers, or buying of poppers is legal; but in terms of asking “where can I buy poppers in Canada” one would be hard-pressed to find a brick-and-mortar store to buy them from. However, there are many that are wondering if the ban that Canada gave was justified, and the rationale for the ban is wondered by many who are ultimately not happy with the ban in Canada, seeing it as inferred homophobia and unjust.

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