New Products Added
Green Monster and Fuck Water Clear

Another popper brand in the midsize range at 15ml, Green Monster

We've also added Fuck Water Clear, for those who want transparent Fuck Water


For Ontario And GTA
Lower Shipping Rates

There's really not a lot of options in Canada when it comes to shipping.  Fortunately, we were able to pass along savings to those in Ontario and the GTA.  Read more about it here.

Big Bottles Are Back!

30mL are available on a trial basis. Also, we’re offering the lowest prices we can find on shipping starting at $20 for 3-5 day delivery.

Holiday Shipping Schedule

Important info about holiday shipping schedule. The next day for shipping will be Wednesday, December 28th and will continue on the 29th, and 30th. Get your orders in early as we will be shipping based on the date they were received.

Shipping Hours

New shipping hours. Based on when payment is received, here is our new shipping schedule. Again, thanks to everyone for your patience while we refine our system.

Serving you better

In the last few months the site has grown to become unsustainable by one person (sometimes two) and in order to provide a better service to customers we had to make some hard decisions if we wanted to continue to serve our fellow Canadians.


Away from our desks Saturday Oct 1 – end of day Sunday Oct 2nd. Etransfers sent during this time will be processed Sunday evening, with tracking numbers / processing done Sunday night / Monday morning. Thanks for your patience with this, it’s very rare that we have this inconvenience.

Verify E-Tranfer Emails

Please confirm that your e-transfer has been accepted by the correct email before you write us and ask why you haven’t received your order. 


Please remember that we don’t accept credit cards or any other forms of payment besides e-transfer.

Be Wary!

Be wary of scams and imitators. Double-check emails and URLs. We’ve heard of customers sending e-transfers to emails belonging to sites that look like this one. When in doubt, please use our contact page.