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In the last few months the site has grown to become unsustainable by one person (sometimes two) and in order to provide a better service to customers we had to make some hard decisions if we wanted to continue to serve our fellow Canadians.

It’s my pleasure to announce that we have a dedicated person to getting orders out in a consistent and timely manner.

More products will be available on the site

More inventory of each product will be available, fewer outages and not having stock

No more restrictions on maximum products per order (was capped at 12 before)

Free gift of your choice (1 product) every $200 spent

All packages sent and scanned within 24 hours on weekdays.

Dedicated customer service on weekdays (

So some of the tough decisions we had to make:

Even though our costs have crept up with the rising cost of everything lately, for now we are going to keep our prices the same. However, we can’t roll in taxes anymore (yes, taxes). All totals will have taxes included.

Our shipping prices are increasing, for now we are sticking with a modified flat rate but are looking into variable pricing based on weight. Canada Post raised their prices in the last year and Jake was losing money on National envelopes, but didn’t want to raise prices any further. We are scouring options for cheaper solutions. There will no longer be the free shipping option, but we hope the free gift ($35 value) makes up for that.

Finally, Jake is walking away from the site permanently and we wish him the best. We only hope to show as much dedication and care to our customers that he did.

Thanks for your patience while we figured (and continue to figure) this out.