Free Holiday Gifts Await

In our quest to elevate your shopping experience, Canada Poppers is thrilled to introduce an enticing promotion for our esteemed customers. Commencing today, when your order totals $120 or more, get ready to unwrap a special surprise—a free gift exclusively curated for you! But hold on, it gets even better: when your order reaches $150 or above, a selection of even more enticing freebies will be revealed, enhancing your shopping journey with us.

We're committed to adding an extra dash of delight to your purchases. That's why we're excited to present these specially selected tokens of appreciation to our valued patrons. Whether it's quick access caps for 10ml bottles, quick access caps for square 30ml bottles, or small bags provided by Double Scorpio, these items have been chosen for their quality and utility to complement your experience with us.


Nevertheless, as we extend these fantastic gifts, we wish to offer a friendly reminder to our cherished customers. While we've meticulously tested these products for their quality, we can't guarantee that all caps or containers will be 100% spill-proof. We encourage everyone to handle these gifts with care to prevent any inadvertent mishaps.

Join us in celebrating this exciting promotion and indulge in the joy of receiving a little something extra with your order. At Canada Poppers, we're dedicated to ensuring that every interaction with us leaves you delighted and satisfied.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, and we're thrilled to share these wonderful surprises with you!